Facebook’s New Reach Boosting Update

Social marketers have been abuzz today about Facebook’s surprising new update. It’s been a turbulent first quarter for marketers as Facebook adjusted its algorithm to decrease overall brand reach, but this latest update will give pages more reach than ever before.

A Simple Trick To Increase Facebook Organic Reach

2014 is off to an awkward start for community managers and businesses reliant on Facebook marketing. Facebook’s recent changes to its algorithm have decreased organic reach significantly – in some cases Facebook posts only reach 3% of fans organically. Ouch. A number of tricks and workarounds have emerged to this, and Ignite Social Media picked … [Read more…]

Why HostGator Lost A Fiercely Loyal Customer

I hope HostGator didn’t make any resolutions to retain customers in 2014. I’ve been a very loyal HostGator fan for years (even after the EIG acquisition that put so many people off), but they made two critical mistakes that made me decide to say goodbye, and unfortunately it isn’t an ending on good terms.   … [Read more…]

2014 Website New Years Pledges You Can Fulfill This Week

We’re coming up on a brand new year, full of networking events, business opportunities, and pledges. Everyone I know is pledging to accomplish things related to business. Big ambitions and breaking sales goals are great, but there are plenty of small business related New Years’ pledges you can accomplish practically overnight. Consider these website pledges … [Read more…]

50 Blog Post Ideas to Kickstart Business Blogging

We’re about to begin a new year, full of fresh and exciting opportunities for businesses of all types. One of the biggest opportunities for businesses is to hit the ground running and start blowing competitors away with a content rich blog.   One of the perennial obstacles for most small to medium sized businesses is … [Read more…]