What Shopify Got Wrong With Small Business E-Commerce

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Shopify and especially its employees. The e-commerce platform, which has a 4% market share of all websites (a huge percent, but WordPress for comparison, has 43%), is laying off 1,000 workers, which amounts to about 10% of its global workforce. Shares closed down 14% on the announcement, … [Read more…]

Network Solutions Failed Its Customers (Again)

Network Solutions a domain registrar. It often markets itself as the first ever domain registrar. Maybe that schoolyard chant we had about “The first is the worst” was more on point than a lot of us realized as children. That was a cheap shot, I know, but I’m allowed to have a few jokes after … [Read more…]

The New Era: The Move from InMotion Hosting to WPEngine

This article has been in the works for almost as long as the migration process I’ve undergone. Moving 140 clients to different web hosts – including circumstances where the clients control the domain registrars and you have to play detective – is no small feat, but I’ll get to that later. Back when I started … [Read more…]

How Often You Should *Actually* Redesign Your Website

I’m going to get some stimulating responses from some corners of the digital marketing field for this one but it needs to be said. I’ve never shied away from calling out what I see to be the shady practices of tech, web dev and marketing, and I’ve even had some reasonably high profile people respond … [Read more…]

Yelp’s Toxicity Problem Is Its Own Fault

Small businesses have had a tumultuous relationship with online review websites over the years. This has ranged from people attempting to sabotage businesses with negative reviews (a cottage industry itself), versus the other extreme where small business owners go as far as suing online reviewers. I’m not here to talk about that, though. Instead, I … [Read more…]