These are some of the most common questions I receive in my work. Hopefully this gets some of your questions answered in advance.


What kind of work do you do?

I’ve copied these from my about page:

Web Hosting and Development Plans: I lease a managed, dedicated server with WPEngine, which allows me to host websites. What makes a dedicated server different than most web hosting (and what you likely have right now) is that dedicated server websites don’t share space with thousands of other websites. As a result the websites I host are faster and fully encrypted for free, both of which makes them more search engine friendly. As of this writing I host more than 160 websites.

Additionally, I develop professional websites for free in exchange for hosting with me, in addition to providing complimentary website maintenance, marketing consulting, backups and security scans. As a result I make an effort to be a proactive website that brings more personalized customer service to the table for one flat fee without constant attempts at upselling. This is currently the bulk of my work.

So even if you have a great website already, I can probably make yours faster, more secure, more search engine friendly, and provide better service. All for roughly the same as what you’re paying your current web host.

Web Consulting: On a case by case scenario and a first come, first serve basis I consult on an hourly rate on larger websites. I take at most 3-4 of these types of clients at a time. As of January 2023 I currently work with one of this type of client.


Who do you work with?

In terms of markets I work with a wide variety of small businesses, nonprofits and startups. I don’t have a particular emphasis on an industry, although I would say that based on referrals my biggest customer bases have come from the retail, restaurant, fitness and nonprofit industries.


Where do you work?

I’m based in Connecticut, where the vast majority of my customers are. I have batches of customers in New York as well.

It’s also a bit of a cheap shot to say that you work “across the United States” but as of now I work remotely with several customers in places such as Atlanta, GA and Seattle, WA.


How do you operate price-wise?

I get paid through web hosting monthly or annually and my custom sites are done on a by-project basis and consults are billed hourly. I do not work on full-time or part-time contracts but I would be happy to refer someone if you’d like to reach out.


Do you do this full time? How long have you been doing it?

Yes, this is my full time job! I’ve been in web development for more than ten years as of this writing. This model specifically I’ve been doing since October of 2015.


Why is your website so basic?

Because I want to focus on my content, not my design.

You can sink ridiculous amounts of time money into extravagant design by a team of the most talented artists on the planet and it won’t make your website’s content any better or more readable. Brevity is the soul of wit, and that applies just as much to design. People will return to your website based on your content. Don’t take my word for it; take a look at this website that was built on simplicity. They’re doing well.


Are you accepting work right now? Can I reach out?

Yes! Let’s talk.


Do you have work examples/testimonials?

Yes! These are provided to prospective clients.


What if something were to happen to you? What would happen to the people hosting with you?

This is an excellent and fair question. If I were to be somehow incapacitated I have a pair of “master keys” on file; one with a personal confidant and one with a professional confidant. They would definitely know if something were to happen and they would take the reins for as long as needed.


Can I contact you about full-time work?

I’m lucky enough that this is my full time work! I have what I consider the best job in the world, so pitching me a full time offer will be a very tough sell at this point. I’m always willing to listen but don’t expect me to do anything but respectfully pass. That being said I often work with freelancers who may be looking for full time work and would be happy to make introductions.

Please be aware that relocation is not an option for me. My work is contingent on working locally with my customers.


Are you willing to be a contributing writer to my blog/website or appear on my podcast?

Sure! E-mail me.


I’m from an agency, can we be be your white label agency partner for design or development?

I get this question a couple of times a month. I already have web teams that I work with for larger projects or when I don’t have bandwidth personally. Even this is very infrequent since my work has shifted heavily towards web hosting. Again, I’m happy to talk but don’t expect anything other than for me to respectfully pass.


Do you accept sponsored blog post content?



What’s the best way to reach you?

E-mail is generally the best way to reach me.


What about questions this page didn’t cover?

Contact me!