A Lesser Known Reason For Adblocking

There’s a lot of passionate conversation about Adblocking as its use becomes more mainstream and far more prolific than even a few years ago. This has ranged from reasonable, nuanced discussion to blatant and increasingly tiresome hyperbole about how Adblock is literally stealing. The discussion of why adblocking does not equate to theft is an issue that’s been raised by … [Read more…]

A Lesson From Satoru Iwata

I think the best way to sum up Satoru Iwata and the best lesson to take from Nintendo’s longtime CEO is to watch this video. Just for context that is the CEO of a multibillion dollar multinational corporation filming himself staring at a bunch of bananas during an industry conference. Why? I think a better question … [Read more…]

Why Pitching Y Combinator Via Pornhub Doesn’t Work

When I first started getting linked to this I was positive I was being trolled, but it’s real. This is definitely one of those stories that can only really be described as interesting. A two-person team of entrepreneurs from Be A Cow Inc. who are applying for Y Combinator’s Fellowship program decided to get Y Combinator’s attention by buying … [Read more…]

Feature Rollouts: What Valve and Bethesda Got Wrong

If you’re an employee at Valve or Bethesda, I imagine you remember a very wild week in April. Video game publisher Valve, at the time, had unveiled a system to enable paid modifications on its Steam platform. Just four days later the plan was abandoned after a massive backlash. The system would have used Elder … [Read more…]

The Problem With Hiring A Chief Diversity Officer

It’s no secret that there’s a diversity issue in Silicon Valley and tech in general. Mike Isaac of the New York Times recently published an article highlighting incremental progress by tech companies and quoting Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google as all collectively saying they “could do better” when it comes to hiring diverse candidates. If you read any … [Read more…]

On Steam Refunds and Antagonism Towards Customers

Valve’s video game digital distribution platform, Steam, recently implemented a digital returns policy. By all accounts this is fantastic news and a big win for customer rights. Video game returns – even for physical copies – have been difficult to come by for very long time. Usually the most you could do is get a new copy … [Read more…]

It’s Time To Ditch Stock Photos

Everyone in the business world can and should know that content is king. The major search engines and social networks love quality content. Facebook loves it and Google loves it. Pinterest is built around the curation of quality content. Beyond the effects of driving traffic and word-of-mouth referrals, enjoyable content is enjoyable for the person who matters most: … [Read more…]