How To Avoid Fraudulent Web Designers

I have bad news for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Not all web designers and developers are created equal. I regrettably spend a lot of time “rescuing” less-tech savvy clients from unscrupulous web companies: Self-proclaimed “developers” charging premium rates while using free site builders like Wix or Weebly, shady web hosts preventing you from canceling … [Read more…]

Six Steps to Designing Your Perfect Website

If you’re a small or even medium sized business, designing your own website is a lot harder when you actually sit down to do it. It’s one thing to look at a competitor’s website and say “Yeah, that looks like an amazing website.” Unless you come from a design or creative background, it suddenly becomes … [Read more…]

How to Kill Trolls With Kindness

There’s a simple antidote to Internet trolls. It costs nothing to manufacture and can be found in vast quantities if you know where to look. Before this goes further let’s establish the difference between criticism and trolling. Criticism of a business is done out of imperfections such as poor service and genuine unhappiness with a … [Read more…]

Six Ways You’re Annoying Your Facebook Fans

You don’t want to annoy your audience, do you?   If you answered yes, well, thanks for reading my blog, reps from Ocean Marketing. Otherwise, as a good social media community manager you’ve identified that you’re as only as successful as your fans are happy. Unfortunately, even benign actions can unknowingly cause unlikes. I’ve seen these six things done … [Read more…]