Facebook’s Fabricated Video Marketing Craze

Here’s a fun experiment. Google “year of video marketing” and see how many results you get from different years. I pulled up results from 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. All on the first page. It seems that a lot of companies have been determined to push video marketing big ways over this past decade. Except the idea that … [Read more…]

An Online Ordering Food Delivery Company CEO Responded To My Criticism

I recently published a lengthy article on my increasing dissatisfaction with the behavior of online food delivery companies. I’ve been an increasingly regular critic of what I see as duplicitous, protectionist and downright shady methods of acquiring and retaining clients. Most recently we have DoorDash under fire for essentially stealing tips from delivery workers and … [Read more…]

WordPress in 2019: Why We Love the Most Popular Platform

It’s been rather tumultuous time for WordPress. The preeminent CMS system’s long-awaited 5.0 Gutenberg release, which shipped with a new drag and drop style editor, was met with a mixed reaction at best and notably shipped in an inexcusably buggy state. Gutenberg has largely been fixed as a result of several updates but the debates … [Read more…]

Can You Really Start A Marketing Agency From “Anywhere?”

Tech journalist and pretty cool dude John Biggs recently published a fascinating tweetstorm on the lack of viability for startups and the American Midwest. You may hard disagree with his points but John Biggs has been covering startups for 20 years and his points are almost certainly backed up by his own prolific experience in … [Read more…]

The Not-So-Cool Companies of Social Media

There was a minor uproar on social media a few days ago. Engadget Editor Nicole Lee received what can best be described as an…unusual E-mail from a T-shirt company trying to drum up attention for its Kickstarter and business. If you can’t click on that link, 3 FIT Theory sent Nicole an E-mail with the … [Read more…]