The Upcoming Winter for “Digital Marketing”

A tech and marketing leader who I sadly can’t reference due to her account being private made some very prescient, very on the nose predictions regarding the future of digital marketing. There’s a reason I put “digital marketing” in quotes in the context that I’m using it in, but don’t worry, we’ll get to that … [Read more…]

Small Businesses Have Been Priced Out Of SEO Campaigns

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I consider 95% of “SEO campaigns” are the blind leading the blind. Specifically, clients understandably approach a marketing company expecting that company to rank them higher in Google searches, often for highly competitive keywords that many of the business’s competitors are also gunning for. The problem is … [Read more…]

Let’s Put Some Ridiculous WordPress Myths To Rest

I effectively went all in WordPress this year. Thanks to partnering with WPEngine, my company exclusively hosts WordPress websites. I would have had reservations about this back when I signed with previous partner InMotion in 2016 but the market and my own perspective have shifted dramatically. WordPress is effectively the de-facto standard of Internet content … [Read more…]

What Shopify Got Wrong With Small Business E-Commerce

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Shopify and especially its employees. The e-commerce platform, which has a 4% market share of all websites (a huge percent, but WordPress for comparison, has 43%), is laying off 1,000 workers, which amounts to about 10% of its global workforce. Shares closed down 14% on the announcement, … [Read more…]

Network Solutions Failed Its Customers (Again)

Network Solutions a domain registrar. It often markets itself as the first ever domain registrar. Maybe that schoolyard chant we had about “The first is the worst” was more on point than a lot of us realized as children. That was a cheap shot, I know, but I’m allowed to have a few jokes after … [Read more…]