What “Being Partnered With Google” Actually Means

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of marketing agencies – especially ones targeting their services towards smaller businesses – proudly tout that they’re “partnered with Google.” If you’re a small business or intimidated by the process of getting to the top of Google (which is a lot harder than it sounds, but I already covered … [Read more…]

The Ghost Towns of Ill-Fated COVID-19 Entrepreneurial Projects

It’s been almost a year and a half since COVID-19 brought the global economy to its knees, crippled small businesses across the world and justified the indoors habits of gaming enthusiasts everywhere. Hey, I’m allowed to tease myself. In this part of the United States things are comparatively normal, something I’ve only been able to … [Read more…]

My Autumn/Winter 2020 COVID-19 Small Business Predictions

It’s been a turbulent year during which the norms we’ve been accustomed to have been thoroughly turned upside down. The small business community has been no exception; suddenly businesses are being required to pivot, develop new business models and market to new customer bases. This has been a crazy year for me personally as I’ve … [Read more…]

Pause Your Business Social Media Activity This Week

This article is not about George Floyd, but I cannot begin the article without discussing him. On May 25th George Floyd – a black man – was killed by then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin – a white man – who kept his knee pressed down on the right side of Floyd’s neck for nine minutes … [Read more…]

How To Tell If You Really Received a “Custom” WordPress Website

I like talking about positive things, cool stuff and gushing about WordPress on this website. Unfortunately our responsibility as ethical web developers also includes safeguarding people against unethical behavior that rips people off. Even more unfortunately, there’s a lot of it in this industry. If you’re a small business that’s gone the traditional website route – … [Read more…]

How to Stop Sponsored Content E-mail Spam

If you’ve got even a tiny website that gets an incremental amount of traffic, odds are that you’ve gotten some strange, suspicious looking E-mails from “content marketing companies” offering to post “sponsored content” on your blog. You’ve likely gotten these E-mails even if you don’t have a blog. These companies are far from discerning or … [Read more…]